How to use the service


Authorize and press the button “Choose the winner”

Authorise and press the button “Choose the winner”

If you are not authorized yet the service will ask for permission to your publications in Instagram. There is no need to enter any passwords. The service does not store or request them. Once you are authorized, press “Choose the Winner”.


Choose publication about Drawing

Choose publication about Drawing

After pressing the button “ Chose the Winner” you will find the list of your Recent Publications in Instagram. Choose a publication about the Drawing. The service will get all the necessary tags, likes and comments according to the rules of the Drawing from this publication. You won’t be able to repeat the drawing on this publication again once it has been drawn.


Prepare the rules of the Drawing

Prepare the rules of the Drawing

Set the rules of the Drawing. If there is a need to specify a tag in the Drawing choose it in the droplist. Set the number of the Winners. The participants will be accounted from the Drawing date publication, but you will be able to push this date by 3 days back.


Choose the Winners

Choose the Winners will check the Drawing participants on the fulfillment of all the conditions and will choose the winners randomly. It can take some time, please, be patient. If there are many participants it can take up to several minutes. If you need to record a video, read about it below.


Check the Winners and add them to the stop-list if necessary

Check the Winners and if necessary add in the stop-list

Bots, commercial organization accounts and empty accounts frequently get in the Drawing results. You can discover them only by checking manually each of the participants. However, in order to filter such participants off you can check the list of winners yourself and add those who do not meet your conditions to the stop-list. You will have 2 hours to conduct the audit. The “add” button will be available under the Drawing results. Be careful, do not ban all of them.


Record a video

Record a video

If it is necessary to record a video you can do it after the winner has been chosen and the stop-list with all the unsuitable candidates has been created. In order to do so start with the Article #2. The service won’t conduct the Drawing of the same publication, but instead will show the results which were determined previously.